Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance



The Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance (KcEMA) was founded in 2007 to encourage and develop understanding and appreciation of electronic music and to create an expansive sense of community for electronic musicians and other artists in the Kansas City Area. KcEMA organizes concerts of electronic music and collaborative projects with generative and performing artists. KcEMA provides a forum for electronic musicians and artists in other media to collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow as an interactive, supportive community.

President: John Chittum
Vice-President: Christina Butera
Treasurer: Cody Kauhl
Secretary: Eli Hougland
Public Relations: Stacy Busch

I Am Sitting in a Room Live

Nov 3, 2017

Christina Butera

On Saturday November 4, KcEMA will present a live performance of a seminal work of sonic art from the 20th century. For those of you who cannot make it, or are perhaps on the fence, here is a blog post version of my pre-concert talk to whet your appetite:

I Am Sitting in a Room was first recorded in 1969 and first publically performed in 1970 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Alvin Lucier was both the composer and performer of this work.

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