Liz Pearse Call Winners and Recap

Liz Pearse Call Winners and Recap

Mar 27, 2017

John Chittum

KcEMA is excited to announce the following pieces have been chosen for performance:

EXCURSUS, Cody Kauhl

If your boy leads, Dan Eichenbaum

Congrat to Cody and Dan!

As a group, KcEMA works for transparency and a more open process. The artistic committee is made up primarily of non-board members. All involved are consummate musicians, and are tasked with finding the best music and fit for concerts. We also worked closely with Liz Pearse, who looked through every piece independently of our meeting.

The majority of us involved have been a part of calls before, but have limited experience actually putting the calls together. We’ve judged and been judged, but haven’t written any calls. You can see the original call here. Overall, we received ~30 submissions, not bad considering the call was done on short notice. Here’s a short list of our take aways:

  1. We hoped for more local composers to apply. Upon review of submissions, and our call, we didn’t make that preference as explicit as we should have.
  2. We reviewed every single submission, even if we felt it wouldn’t fit just from the short description. This is time consuming, but we felt it was the best course.
  3. There was lots of lively debate. At the top was length of pieces and concerts. We decided on a somewhat standard 60 minute concert, but there was discussion of going longer. Pieces ranged in length from a couple minutes to slightly over twenty.
  4. Several pieces called for specialized instruments or electronics. These submissions also didn’t mention if the composer would be willing to provide those instruments. Others didn’t fully describe what those other instruments were. While KcEMA has many experience electronic musicians, it is difficult to accept a piece if the requirements are unclear.
  5. There were a lot of international submissions. That was really great to see!
  6. We neglected to put in a provision about keeping scores for later concerts. There were some really cool pieces that just didn’t fit this concert. KcEMA will need to be explicit about that in the future.
  7. We want to do more posts like this, but with more specificity. However, it was agreed that since we didn’t mentioned we’d be gathering data or writing this post, it would be best to keep everything general. In the future, we’re going to try to report even more in depth about our process. KcEMA will always strive for privacy and respect. The electronic music community can be small though, so certain types of reporting can provide too much information – example: specific locations. We’ll definitely be working on figuring out the best way to be transparent and still give everyone the privacy they are due.
  8. Always provide drinks and food for meetings. The amount of happiness spinach artichoke dip and pizza brought to our group cannot be easily expressed.

KcEMA would like to do more posts like this in the future. If you think blogs like this are valuable or interesting, please respond on social media!

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